Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Fashion Evolution !

As we all know, as the holidays approach, so do the desire of a new look. You might even recognize some of these fashions from fashion history. Here are my Top 5 Holiday Picks

#5: The Dr. Marten Boots 
The Original boots were British, but Klaus Märtens was a German doctor (Origin of the shoe name)
#4: 1980's Blazer
The popular 80's look has made a major comeback in the Fashion World, they are convenient and can be put together with just about anything.
#3: Designed Stockings/Tights
This Fashion Fad always seems to make its way back to the runway. The thicker knit stockings are better for the upcoming cold weather, but are still just as fashionable.
#2: Holiday Make Up
The classic red lipstick, smokey eye will always be an essential look for the holiday season, especially for a Christmas gathering, or even holiday pictures.
#1: The Wrap Scarf 
Cozy and cute. These scarves could be an awesome stocking stuffer.

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